Friday, May 18, 2012

Baby William Blake is here!

I will always consider William Blake to be our reward after our big move and all the changes we went through this year.  Nothing like a sweet little 8 lb. 7 ounce baby to ease the pain!  
Here's the story:
We had decided to be induced because our insurance was ending March 31st.  William was due April 6. Honestly, I would have loved to have a baby born on Easter, but paying an additional $5,000 was not worth it to me!  We went to the hospital March 30th, well, we went to the wrong hospital.  Luckily, this area isn't that big and they sent us to the right one!  Around 10:00, I was all set up and ready to be induced.  We hung out for 3 hours watching reruns of  The Office and nothing was really happening. I was getting a little anxious, because Brooke had been born in 6 hours and was hoping that he would come as fast!  Around 3:00, Dr. Naylor broke my water and the pain began!  The contractions weren't that bad, but then they were.  I was trying to tough it out, but you really forget how much labor hurts until you are doing it again!  Blake suggested I at least call for the epidural, so just in case they are held up.  So, we did.  Boy, was I glad!  A painful hour later, I was at a 6 and all comfy. So comfy that I told Blake to go get dinner downstairs because it wouldn't be for awhile.  I tried to take a little nap when suddenly I woke up feeling like the baby was coming RIGHT NOW!  I called the nurse and I was at a 10.  I went from a 6 to a 10 in 30 minutes. Crazy!  I was calling Blake on his phone nonstop hoping he would make it. He did.=)  The chord was wrapped around William's neck so we had to use the vacuum to get this little cutie out.  
Can I just say that there is nothing like the moment when your sweet little baby is laid on you.  After all the hard work, heartburn, back pain, every pain, exhaustion.  And you just look at the baby and he looks at you and knows you.  It is magical.

                                                         Poor little purple feet!

                                        First bath. Love the hair and the lips!  Brooke/Spencer combo!
We made it home after 2 days because I had strep b and they wanted to keep William to make sure he would be fine. Nanah had watched the kids and they were all sure happy to see us!  Sadly, the camera was misplaced, so we didn't have any "meet your brother" pictures. But I don't think you ever really forget that!


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