Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our Christmas Advent Calendar!

I made this last year and I am so glad I did! It is nice to have planned and fun activities that we can do during the season, but plan them when we can actually do them! Then on busy school nights, we can do simpler activities and on the weekends, busier ones.
Here is the link on how to make it: Advent Calendar

1) Make snow globes out of baby food jars
2) Make snowmen crafts out of marshmallows
3) Make sugar cookies and share them with friends
4) Hot chocolate before bed
5) Watch a Christmas movie
6) Go see Arthur Christmas
7) Secretly leave treats at someone's house
8) Read a Christmas story (we do this all the time, but makes it more fun!)
9) Christmas Bingo
10) Watch the Nativity and Mr. Kreuguer's Christmas (can be bought here ) It only costs $4.50 and fre shipping and Jimmy Stewart is in it. You can't go wrong with him!
11) Color Christmas pages
12) Act out the nativity
13) Go look at Christmas lights
14) Watch a Christmas movie
15) Go out to dinner (at a real restauarant!) Been telling the kids we'll attempt this now that they're older.
16) Make fudge
17) Go to dollar store and have the kids pick out gifts for each other
18) Do a Christmas craft
19) Have a popcorn party
20) Watch Claymation bells video (classic from my childhood!)
21) Read a Christmas story
22) Watch videos on LDS.org about Jesus
23) Write letters to Santa
24) Hot chocolate before bed

So, there you have it! Good luck making your own and I would love to hear of any ideas you have!


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