Monday, January 20, 2014

Encouragement (5 minute prompt)


Even though I am 33, I need encouragement.

I need someone to say, “Good job!” “You’re smart!” “You look nice!”

Why do I need this?  Is it because I don’t have enough confidence?  Because I am doing things every day that can make or break my family.  That I need people to appreciate all my work and my sacrifices that I have made?  It’s because mothering didn’t come with a handbook and I need moms who are better than me to say I am doing it right.  That when I tell the kids, “I need quiet time so I can write for five minutes!” (I really just said that.) Then I don’t feel guilty because I am not spending every minute of their day off of school with them.  Because other people will say, “Hey, we felt the same way and we are still happy and alive.”  Maybe I do need encouragement to push forward every day, but is that a bad thing?  I enjoy giving encouragement to my family.  Even for the smallest things, “Hooray, you wiped your bum!”  Because encouragement makes the getter and the giver feel good. 



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