Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thinking Thursday: Still Alice

Still Alice final

I just finished reading this for my book club and I read it in 3 days, which is saying a lot nowadays. Usually can't read for longer than 10 minutes without getting tired and falling asleep. But this book was so gripping and had me so involved.

It is about a woman with early onset Alzheimer's and told from her perspective. I didn't know much about this disease, but I have a new appreciation for those who have to go through this trial in their lives and their caregivers as well. The woman is a Harvard professor and very successful and important. Once the disease worsens, she becomes less lucid and the struggles she goes through are heartbreaking. I was crying in some parts and just distraught for those who have had to go through it. It is an easy read but not because it is a simple topic. The author writes with such ease that it makes you feel like you know Alice and her family. The characters are real and I found myself hoping that I would be understanding of someone in this situation. And also hope that I would never get it.

It is a must read and so educational and informative. I think you will really enjoy it!


Heidi said...

Oh I need to add this to my to-read list!! Do you use Goodreads? I love seeing peoples reviews on there! Thanks for your comments on our blog! We all went to Western High School...what about you?? Thanks for stopping by and make sure you link up at our link party going on right

Heather said...

We went to Cimarron. Linked up to your party. I do have goodreads but don't use it much, but I can look for you!


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