Sunday, March 4, 2012

Moving and Baby Time!

Wellllll, the craziest part of my life is occurring right now! My husband got offered a great job in Quad Cities, Illinois and we are taking it. We are moving this Saturday across the river from Illinois to a cute little town called, LeClaire, Iowa. It is going to be an adventure. We are going to drive there over 4 days with our 3 kids.....

And yes, I am 35 weeks pregnant. No, we don't have any family out there. Yes, we are still looking for a renter for our house in Las Vegas, NV (Here's the link: Yes, I know everything will be ok! Times of learning and growth are good, although hard. For a long time, we knew a change was coming, just weren't sure what.

So, here we are heading off in a few days. Recipes will not be coming for awhile unless I have a free night to upload and schedule all the recipes and pictures I have saved. Maybe, yes. Maybe, no!

I love all your comments and glad to hear you are enjoying the blog. Hope to be in the blogging arena again soon!

1 comment:

Shanna said...

Best of luck on your transition! I believe we go where we are meant to be.


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