Monday, September 23, 2013

Mercy (5 minute friday)

Since I have missed so many of the Five Minute Fridays from Lisa Jo Baker's blog, I am going to take five minutes a day to write my thoughts on a prompt.  Today's prompt is "Mercy"

When I first read the topic, I realized how much I do not know about mercy.  I have heard plenty of songs about Mercy, “You got me begging you for mercy.”  Which made me think of help.  I thought about the mercy of Christ, which I can’t even begin to understand.  I need it so much and yet, it is hard to understand how much I need it when I don’t really understand the word to begin with! So, I thought I will write down my thoughts on what mercy actually means.

1) Mercy means help.  Please on a bad day, help me!  Please on a grumpy day, give me a pass!  Please on a downright feel bad for myself, nothing can go right, not enough money, time or patience, forget my bad attitude.  

2)  Mercy means to intercede.  I am a religious person.  The funny thing is, in high school, I didn’t think of myself as a religious person, but I was! Without even realized I was, I was!  It had become so ingrained in my life, that it was part of me and felt very natural.  I have asked my Heavenly Father to intercede on my behalf so many times.  I am used to His help. I am used to begging and pleading after a rough day for a try over the next day. I am used to mercy.  I am used to the thought that Jesus will be my intercesory? for all my shortcomings.  I am used to His love in my life.  

Mercy is a subject that I need to study more because I usually could write forever on many subjects, but on this one, I have a hard time.  Maybe it is hard to put such a grand characteristic into words.  Maybe it is something that just can’t be put into words.

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