Saturday, November 2, 2013

Imagine five minute post


I remember having an endless and unburdened imagination.  We created something out of nothing.  We spent hours playing in the desert.  We turned the back of my dad’s old truck into a “bakery”, using the machine in the back.  This was my life.  
Now, I get to see my kids have the imagination of champions.  There is no limit or end to their boundless imaginations.  It is a beautiful thing.  They created the “puppy goes to jail” game, where I am the bad guy and the mama dog, of course.  They created play do masterpieces.  They have drawn the most amazing pictures where imaginary animals are alive and can do things that they are not supposed to do.  

I still have an imagination, but it has been bridled by life.  I have had four kids in seven years. I have been busy. I have been exhausted. I have had stress and sadness and frustration.  I have also seen goodness, kindness, and love beyond measure.  Somehow these things have changed my imagination into something different.  From time to time, I will get a glimpse of my former imagination, when the kids want me to play their make believe games and i let loose.  And I realize that I still have that imagination. It is buried beneath laundry, dishes and work, but my imagination is so much more fun than those jobs.  And I try to remember that imaginative games are much more important, as well.

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