Sunday, November 17, 2013

Truth (5 minute post)


the Truth is that I am tired, but not too tried to drink a dr. pepper after not having soda for  months.

The Truth is that I would love to have our student loans paid off NOW, but paying them reminds me of our hard work and that an education is a great investment.

The Truth is that I would love to have a perfectly clean and organized house, but I don’t want to miss the time I have with my little ones in an effort of perfection.

The Truth is that I am  10 pounds from where I would like to be, but those ten pounds were hard won by 5 pregnancies.

The Truth is that I had a miscarriage in between Hailey and Spencer (hence the five pregnancies) but I can see why it happened now.

The Truth is that we want one more baby, but I am a little terrified of the pregnancy with four other kids.

The Truth is that Blake wants to get his master’s, but I am also terrified of non stop mom stuff.

The Truth is that I am proud of most of my mothering, but I wish I would laugh more.

The Truth is that I love hot chocolate, the gas station kind is the best.

The Truth is that I have a book my mom gave me called “Books I want t o read” and have filled it with hundreds of books, but have only read 3.

The Truth is that I fill out the “books to be read book” at Target while I am alone and can browse through their books.

The Truth is that I really enjoy exercising and I love the strength it gives me.

The Truth is I don’t think I am that great of a wife, but Blake does and loves me for it.

The Truth is that I have a big responsibility as a mother to teach my kids right and wrong, that they have a great worth and that they are special….and I am up for the challenge.

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*Katie* said...

*sigh* you are lovely :) What pretty words, all full of truth.


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