Monday, June 16, 2014

Messenger (5 minute Friday)

This last week was a little bizarre.  We heard the news that Alyn Beck, the police officer, was killed.  He was in our church congregation in Las Vegas.  It immediately put me on edge.  I was so sad for the family, so struck by senseless violence and the destruction that it causes.  Then it made me think of the messenger.  Whoever had to tell the family that he had been killed.  And that they will always remembered as the person who told them.  But then I thought of the messenger that Alyn had been.  A messenger of kindness and service and bravery.  And I thought of so many I know who have been taken "too young" or too early in life.  My cousin, T.C, who passed at age 25 shared a message of redemption and fun and honor.  The neighbor down the street, Scotty, at age 18, who was a cheerful and good soul.  A mother, Pam, 38, who had the most infectious laugh.  My grandfather, Dale, at 52, who sang on road trips, loved his family and worked hard.  My cousin and dear friend, Laurie's daughter, stillborn, her message of endurance and families are forever.  And so many more young people we knew from Las Vegas, so many that the cemetery becomes a reunion, because we know so many who are buried there.  And I think, what was their message?  Did they spread their message more effectively because their time on earth was ended abruptly?  Is that the purpose of their abrupt ending?  So that we will remember them and their message?  And not just remember them, but the best of them?  The best they had to offer?  I hope my message will be one worth remembering and one worth sharing.


Jayna said...

We lost an officer in our community just a few weeks ago. I am sorry for your loss. It does shake a community. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and words. Keep writing!

pbianca10 said...

I am sorry for your loss, and your church's loss. Witnessing an abrupt death like that can be very upsetting. Thank you for sharing. It is a good reminder that the message we share during our limited lifetime is important and urgent business.

God Bless You!


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