Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Long (5 minute prompt)


Days as a mom can be long.  They can be drawn out and dragged through and just plain long.  They are sometimes very repetitive and routine and the same.  But the moments in these long days are the best moments.  The snuggles and hugs and the puzzles and books.  The bike rides and baking and dish washing and bathroom scrubbing.  The laundry and coloring and shows and music.  Those are the moments that break up the long days. I can't count how many times I have been dragging through a day and the kids have come up with a fun imaginative game or asked me to read a book or started a dance party to "Total Eclipse of the Heart" and suddenly a long day has become a fun day.  And when I look back on the day, I don't think "Man, that was long."  I think, "That was pretty fun."  Yes, we had to work and do chores that nobody was interested in.  Yes, there were arguments and fighting and apologies.  Yes, there were ten towels used to mop up the bathroom after bath time.  But I don't think of those at the end of the day.  I am thinking of the good.  The good times that made a day less long and more adventure filled.  A day of memories and good.  And I wish that days wouldn't go by so fast. How can a long day feel so short by the time you get to the end of the day?  The long can be made fun. The long can be made creative and imaginative and adventurous.  The long can be the best days of your life.
 We went to Target one night and the kids tried on Halloween masks.  This definitely was the highlight of an otherwise "long" day.
 The girls and I being goofy on a day off of school.
Was about to lose my mind one day because the kids weren't listening and they ran inside to show me this late summer harvest from the garden.  That was a great moment.


Unknown said...

Heather, great reminder! I need to take the moments during the L-O-N-G to just enjoy!

Kristin Smith said...

I wish I took the time to enjoy the long days like you do! And you raise a good point—the days go by so quickly even when they are long ones. One day, we'll look back and think 'where did those days go. Those days when my children were small and innocent and when the simple things in life brought smiles to their faces.' Thank you for this beautiful reminder to enjoy every day, no matter how long it feels.


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