Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Move (5 minute prompt)

Move on
Move on from relationships that aren't fulfilling, loving, helping.
Ones that don't make you feel better
Ones that make you feel like you are worse
less than

Move on from the toxicity of words said in
bullying moments where someone finds you an easy target.

Move on without guilt because that relationship didn't do you any good
It didn't uplift or
inspire or
create togetherness
or even make you smile.

At the end you are exhausted, not because of
so much time well spent or
so much cleaning done together or
baking days or
lunch dates or
late night get togethers or
deep and involved chats.

But you are exhausted because you wonder if
they are really your friend
if they are taking advantage of you
if you are less than them
if you make less money
or are less cute
or less educated
or less children
or too many children
or all the other reasons that we invent sometimes to have a friendship that is much less than we want it to be.

Embrace Friendships that are well meaning
well seasoned
well cared for

Even if I have two friends who are my favorite and best friends of all time.

So be it.

I would rather have two friends who love me for me.
Bring me cookies when my kids are throwing up all night
Text me to check up on me.
Watch my kids at the last minute at my house because I had a miscarriage.
Bring food to my family after I have had a baby.
Clean my house secretly.
Go on walks with me just for fun.
Bring Dr Pepper (when I drank it) to my house in the woods
Let my kids come play.
Let their kids come play
And don't look at my house like my house, clean or dirty, is a reflection of me as a person.
So to all those friends, whether you are new or old, thank you.
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Unknown said...

Needed this reminder today....sheesh! it's been a hard move :P


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