Friday, January 16, 2015

Send (5 minute friday)

Write with us over at Five Minute Friday at Kate Motaung's blog.  You won't be sad you started.
Send me the words and inspiration because I am feeling quite lacking today.
I sit here in Panera with a hot chocolate and a thought of a pastry and a list of writing ideas I have had over the months. 
But the desire is lacking.
Maybe it’s the lack of time.  Maybe it’s the sameness of ideas.  Maybe it’s the knowledge that I only have until Panera closing time.
Of course I can write at home. Of course I can carve out the time.  Get the kids busy with an activity and write through their fighting or laughing or creating. 
But the thought of knowing that I might never get through the list of ideas.
That the ideas keep coming is overwhelming and a blessing.
How do I do each idea justice?
How do I keep myself geared up to spill the words out until this screen, onto the page without restraint and second thought to what it sounds like, what will come out, what people will think.
Just jump in?  Do five minutes a day.  Which could turn into 10 or 20 or 30 and pretty soon I am on a writing streak.  I did have a writing streak a few months ago.
Then I think of the “to do’s” at home that are nice to accomplish but don’t give me the feeling of satisfaction that creating does.
So, I say, send me the words.  Send me the prose.  Send me the poems.  The ones that make my heart sing.
The ones that create a picture, an emotion, an effect that can change my life or other’s lives.
That my kids can look back and read, that my grandkids can look back and read.
That maybe they will get a glimpse into life as a mom
Or life as  writer
Or life as a wife
Or an Iowan
Or a Las Vegas girl
Or a chocolate lover.
Send me the word that will speak my soul
To their souls.
Went into the kid's room last week in the morning and was greeted by this icy sunset. 


Anonymous said...

Yes! yes to having so many ideas swimming around. Yes to lack of motivation, time or whatever. Yes to streaks. Yes to chocolate. And what a beautiful picture you took! Followed you at FMF.

Diana said...

Heather, I loved your post. I am stopping by as your neighbor on five minute friday. Your words are magical they drew me in and I wanted more. Thank you Diana


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