Monday, April 13, 2015

The Sun/Son is eveywhere

I wrote this on a whim while William looked out the window and ate saltine crackers.


The Sun/Son is everywhere!!

I was chatting with William and he asked, “Where is the sun”?  I said, “The sun is everywhere”! Then, it made me think about The Son is everywhere! Truly, in this world of difficulty and confusion, you can see The Son everywhere: in a smile, an act of service, a door held open.  A huge gesture of a fundraiser for a two year old who passed away unexpectedly or a small gesture of dropping off a delicious scratch cupcake at someone’s door, just because.  You can see it in the missionaries all over the world, spreading the gospel, in spite of rudeness or disinterest.  They push on.  They carry the Son to the world!  You can see The Son in a sunset, a sunrise, a bird tweeting to its neighbor and the neighbor tweeting back.  The perfect sound of happiness, as they chat in a language nobody knows.  You can see The Son in a perfect baby born without a defect or maybe, more especially, a baby born with extra needs and the family and community who cares for them.  You can see the son in a beautiful 82 year old woman, who doesn’t recognize how wonderful she is and that is just what makes her so wonderful.  You can see The Son in a school teacher who goes the extra mile, a teacher who pushes the kids and they see, in the end, why they were pushed.  And they are grateful.  You can see The Son in a sunny day and a cloudy day.  On a cloudy day, you truly miss the sun and when it starts to poke its head out, the happiness you feel at seeing it again is tenfold.  The Son came and The Son will come again.  For now, we can spread His message of peace and look for signs of The Son: in a single blade of grass, in a “hello”, in an Easter lily.  In a child’s innocent question, giggle or “tickle me, mama”.  Look for The Son and you will always find The Son.
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