Sunday, May 17, 2015

Follow (5 minute prompt)

I wrote this on a Sunday morning at a clean table.  Hallelujah!

Follow along with Kate Motaung and other writers in a five minute prompt.  You will be surprised and what comes out in five minutes


The concept of follow in mothering is one that inspires and terrifies me.  Follow me, an imperfect, sometimes grumpy person who is trying, still trying through every day.  Trying to be better, to teach, to learn, to help these four wild and exuberant children to follow Jesus.  It’s a mind boggling thought.  That anybody can choose to have children.  That most people can say, “I want a baby.” And they have a baby.  And that Heavenly Father, a loving, merciful, just God would allow His special spirits to come to Earth, through us and allow us to raise them. In hopes, in endless faith that we will raise them right and righteously and happily.  That we will make their 18 years in our homes a good, a pleasant, a hard working, a peaceful experience.  That we will do our best every day and start again every morning, no matter how tired, burnt out, frustrated we are.  That we will try again.  So, I hope that I have left an example that is one worthy of following.  One that will guide my children when they are raising their children and their children are raising their children and so on.  And they will have desire to follow what I set forth. And what I set forth is hopefully a good thing. 

My family in Nauvoo, Illinois.  A great pioneer town

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