Friday, February 19, 2016

Limit (5 minute prompt)

I wrote this while the kids were asleep and Blake was helping his friend with his computer over at his house.  Also, the house is clean for once and makes me feel more free to sit in my made bed and write.  This isn't the norm. ha

Man, sometimes as a mom, as a human, even, you reach your limits.  You just get to the point where your nerves are frayed and your head wants to explode! Or at least eat a extra large bowl of ice cream with brownies that someone else made and served you while you lie in a Jacuzzi tub of bath bombs and spa type smells.  Now, I am off track! But honestly, some days are like that.  And you look to find repose in a book or exercise or a few minutes of quiet time.  And sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't.  And as the person who is mostly running the show around here, I have to make time for myself or I reach my limit and it isn't pretty.  I was sick last week and I laid in bed for three days. I could hardly get up without being lightheaded.  And you know what, it was a great three days.  William and I snuggled in bed and watched three movies, I updated my extremely out of date family blog, I read a book, my kids came and laid in bed with me.  It was amazing. I was wishing every day could be like this (minus the head issue).  And I realized that I had been so busy with the crazy to do list, you know the neverending one with "wash the baseboards" and "go through the winter clothes" on it.  Truly, the stuff that probably won't change your life in any great way.  But I had gotten caught up in those things and was forgetting that it is ok to lay down in the day for a few minutes with a good book.  Or go on a walk outside.  Or just be.  Just appreciate small things.  So, I reevaluated and promised myself that this week I would take more time to just be.  And you know what? I did it.  I calmed down. I remembered that life isn't just to do lists and accomplishments, it is about being in touch with God and the other humans who live with you and near you.  Because those are the things that are real.  Those are the things that bring you back when you have reached your limit.  And life would be so boring and so drab without them. 
The people who bring me back from "the limit".  And who also cause me to go to "the limit".

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