Monday, February 22, 2016

Quiet (5 minute prompt)


I wrote this while the kids were asleep and Blake was watching Shark Tank and eating ramen.=)

I am a worrier by nature.  I figure if I worry about it ahead of time, by the time the problem comes, I will already have the solution figured out!  Do I homeschool?  Do we move? Do we buy a house?  Even simple things like what do I need to do tomorrow? And if I feel overwhelmed already on Monday night over what I have to do on Tuesday, then I have already lost the battle.  I try hard to just chill out but I have discovered that I am awful at chilling out!  I always need to be reading a book while watching a show with Blake or doing something productive.  It's crazy.  I have to make a conscious effort to relax a little bit during the day. I kind of failed at that today but here I am, still hanging on.  I just have to tell my head to "BE QUIET!"  Quit thinking, quit worrying, quit predicting the eminent future, good or bad, just so I will be prepared when everything blows up.  When I am feeling this craziness, I pray. I pray for calm and peace and as soon as I do, everything gets quiet.  My brain slows down.  Everything relaxes and I am reminded of who is in charge.  No matter how much I worry, what will happen, will happen.  God knows what will happen and my worrying won't change it.  Even better is that He knows everything.  Everything about the world, everything about the universe and everything about my seemingly insignificant life.  And He cares!  He cares about my stress and worries about the unknown future.  And He doesn't want me to have that stress or live that way.  And I am so grateful that I know that He knows where my direction is, even if I don't.  The feeling of peace is good enough because I know who is in charge in the long run.  And honestly, He is much smarter than I am, so I will let Him be in charge.
Googled "God is in charge" and thought this was hilarious.  Sometimes we feel like poor fish head penguin and sometimes we're the friend.  Either way, He is in charge of both penguins and that's a good thing.  Found here.

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