Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Guest Post: Making T-Shirts at Home by Tina

Making T-Shirts at Home
It's raining, the kids are home from school, and there seems to be nothing to do. How can you get them out of that slump and away from the video games? You've been through coloring books, board games, and their favorite stories, but have you tried making t-shirts at home yet? Read on to find out how.

 First, you'll need to head to the store and buy some plain t-shirts. A lot of craft stores sell them, but you could also find them at a local bargain center, or use one you may already have at home. Just make sure to have at least one for each child and yourself, although you'll probably want to have a few extras in case you make a mistake. They generally aren't expensive, so you don't have to break the bank to buy them.

 While you're at the craft store, check to see if they have any iron-on transfer kits that are specifically geared toward children. If you plan in advance, you can stock up on these from a website so that you have them saved away for gloomy days. Plus, you may be able to find great discounts and deals online. These packages also make great, unique presents for your kids to give to their friends at birthday parties, so think about purchasing a few extra. You may also be able to find some templates online and then simply transfer them to iron-on paper.

 Now using an art or photo program on your computer let your children start “designing” their t-shirt. You can give them free reign to create whatever they want, or you could streamline the project a little bit and make a design for them. If you're going on a big family vacation, for instance, the shirts could say "Smith Family Trip 2012" or something similar. The design possibilities are endless. Perhaps your older children are forming a softball team with their friends then they could make team shirts. You could even invite the whole team over for a fun day of artwork.

 As with any art kit, each set is going to have its own unique rules. However, as a general rule of thumb, you will need a printer and transfer paper. Be sure to purchase transfer paper that is specifically made for your type of printer, whether it’s an inkjet or laser printer. Just follow the directions on your art pack, and you'll be printing out the designs and then ironing them on to the t-shirts. Most importantly, make sure that you are inserting the paper the right way.

Additionally, it's always a good idea to do a test first. That's the reason why it was suggested that you buy a few extra t-shirts. Do a test on one of the extra shirts. If it comes out fine, then there is no need to do it over again. However, if it looks a little funny, you'll still have that design on the computer to edit (make sure to save it!). Always exercise caution when engaging in these types of crafts.

To successfully complete the kit, your iron will need to be very hot. To avoid serious burns, you may want to take hold of the iron and do it for your children. If your children are a bit older, then you may want to allow them to help you hold the iron if you're comfortable. Teenagers can most likely take care of this on their own and doing so will let them get some practice in ironing too! This post was brought to you by Tina, a major contributor for 123Inkjets, a leading provider of all things related to printer ink. On her free time she likes to go outside with her dachshund, scrapbook, and read.

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