Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Worship (5 minute prompt)


When it comes to worship, I have good intentions. I go to church every Sunday.  I teach 5 year olds about Jesus.  We read scriptures as a family every night and pray morning and night and at meals and anytime!!  But when I think of worship, I think of an extended period of time when you can commune with God and have a peaceful conversation.  With 4 young kids, this happens when I am lucky or when I hide in the basement.  However, I now know that worship means you can think of God anytime and for any amount of time.  If it’s for a few seconds in the morning or a few minutes at night or even in the car when the kids are screaming and you are in the midst of begging for some patience from the Almighty!  Worship can always happen.  Worship should always happen and can have such a calming influence.  A rest from the daily struggles, a break from the worries of life.  Then you realize what is truly important.  Not the messy house or the yard or how much money there is or isn’t, but that we are put here on earth to recognize God’s hand in our lives, no matter how great or frustrating the days are.  He commands us to worship him and not in a vain way.  But because by worshipping Him, we will become closer to him.  We will know who He is and who we are because of Him.  Because of all of our blessings, our trials, our triumphs are due to Him and His love for us.  And His desire for us to grow while on this earth.  So, next time I am in the middle of sacrament meeting and I can’t hear a word of the speaker and I am picking up cheerios and crayons, I can recognize that these “inconveniences” are blessings.


Laura Howe said...

Loving your writing prompts. :) you are awesome Heather!

Heather said...

Thanks Laura!! It is nice to do something I love (besides mothering;) Hope you're doing well with the five!


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