Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thinking Thursday: I Open my Eyes and See

Here is another little something I wrote. I hope you don't mind. I am trying hard to update and increase my writing abilities.

I Open My Eyes and See 11/15/11

I open my eyes an see my dreams for the future. My children grown, beautiful, happy together at Christmas, in the temple, reunited for births, birthdays, reunions. Older and wiser and loving.

I open my eyes and see Blake and I at last in Spain, London, Ireland, Italy for starters. Then North Carolina, Hawaii, New York, Seattle, Atlanta, Maine. Traveling and exploring the world together after years of hard work and waiting. Trying new things, trying new foods. Having memorable and life changing experiences.

I open my eyes and see my future home full of love, Adirondack chairs and a tub big enough to lie down in. D├ęcor that can’t be destroyed by grandchildren but can be enjoyed by all. A gazebo, a swinging porch swing, a flourishing garden where you can pick your own fruits and vegetables. A tire swing, a wraparound porch. Laughter, tears, secrets shared and memories made.

I open my eyes and see a classroom full of college aged students awaiting knowledge and inspiration I hoping to instruct and inspire them in good directions and paths. Projects, late night gradings, conferences, expanding knowledge of the love of literature and writing.

I open my eyes and see daughter/mother reunions, fishing trips, camping trips, Disneyland. Late movie nights with popcorn and early morning snuggles in a bed that is too small for so many growing children. Game nights, crafts, stories read, make believe, dancing. Prep for dances, dates, weddings, funerals. College farewells, graduations, missions, good byes, but not really. Kitchen dates with plenty of cooking and experimenting. Messy faces, messy hands, grubby fingerprints.

I open my eyes and see my future, my past and my present and know that my life and love is where my family is. Their goals and dreams are my goals and dreams. Together through tears, smiles and life, we will walk together and say “Wasn’t that a great time?” “Wasn’t all the work worth it?” And we will smile and say, “Yes.”

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