Friday, February 3, 2012

Thinking Thursday: Imagine!!

These are the most magical children's books. The pictures are unbelievable optical illusions. Not 3D illusions, but really great fairytalish type of illusions. My kids love them. I wish there were more, but there are only three so far. Imagine a Day, Imagine a Night and Imagine a Place by Sarah L. Thomson and Rob Gonsalves.

Plus, the prose in the books is so magical. My six year old loves reading it and the kids get so entranced by the pictures.

This was one of the neatest pictures, I thought, because of the magic of opening a book and entering a new world.

Imagine a day....
when a book swings open
on silent hinges,
and a place you've never seen before,
welcomes you home.
Imagine today.......

In a world where children's imaginations are not used to their fullest extent, these books will help encourage the use of imagination!

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