Monday, November 5, 2012

Ode to Dad: Best Spaghetti you will ever have!

This recipe deserves a pretty picture. I even tried to twirl the pasta so it would look lovely.  Good enough, I say! This could be a completely awful picture but that wouldn't change the fact that this is the most delicious spaghetti sauce in life!  And brought to you by my super awesome dad who created the recipe by tinkering around with it.  Now this must be eaten with my mom's amazing meatballs, which I am incapable of making.  When she tells me how to make them, it sounds so simple. I try to make them and they fall apart.  

Disclaimer: This is a work of love, so it takes a bit of time, but it is totally worth it!

We got some garden fresh roma tomatoes from our neighbors and that made this even better!

1) Blanche 16 roma tomatoes.  To blanche, you boil the water, put the tomatoes in and cook until the skin is about to fall off.  Then shock them by putting them into cold water.  Peel the skins off.
2) Chop the tomatoes up.  They are pretty fall aparty, but that's ok!
3) Put a tablespoon of oil in a pot.  Put the tomatoes in.  Add 1/2 a chopped onion and 4 cloves garlic or more, if you like!  This recipe is one you can mess with and still make it awesome.
4) Add some tomato paste to thicken it up a bit and a large can of Italian type tomatoes.  Add seasonings: Italian seasoning, garlic salt, rosemary, parsley, thyme, to taste.  Just add what you like.
5) Simmer for a long time, like an hour in a half. The longer you simmer, the better it will be!
6) Add the super awesome meatballs that I will someday perfect and share or some browned meat or sausage or whatever you like.
7)  Add chopped olive and mushrooms.
8)  Eat and love and make again!

Love my dad!!


Sarah Elizabeth said...

this is on my list of food for when i visit. just so you know. i miss his spaghetti almost as much as i miss him!

Jutta Lenihan said...

They sound and look so comforting!
Thank you so much for sharing this at Wednesday Extravaganza! Come by today to vote and sign up for my Giveaway :)

Mel said...

That DOES look delicious. I love that it starts with fresh tomatoes.


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