Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday's Favorite: TV

With the new Fall television season approaching, I love 3 shows. Only 3. I am not a big tv person.

So, here they are

Modern Family:

I never watched it before this summer and then we saw the most hysterical one. The Columbian woman, Sofia Vergera, is seriously the funniest woman on tv! She makes this show. Don't get me wrong, I love the rest, but she is just funnier than funny! And this show is just so true to life that it is almost painful at times, but isn't life just painful at times?!


This show almost got the axe, but thankfully didn't! It scares me most of the time to think of my children being adults, but this show gives me some hope (and some fear). But there are so many great messages and you will love it.=) The characters are so easy to relate to, you will find yourself saying, that person is just like "so and so" in my family.

The Office:
My parents think I am lame o, but this is just the funniest show ever to me! Ever!! I will miss Michael Scott so, but I am sure they will continue on with the funniest stuff ever. And if not, there are always reruns!

What are your "shows"?

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Michelle and Chad said...

I love parenthood too! Can't wait for it to start!!


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