Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thinking Thursday: Autobiographies

Recently, I have been reading a lot of autobiographies about people I really like. It is fun to see where they came from and how they got where they are.

I love Paula Deen. I love how she really doesn't care about what people think and that she does what she loves because she loves it. She came from nothing and built her business with her 2 sons and a few friends. This woman knows how to work! And she is hilarious! I would love to meet Paula Deen someday. Plus, she loves butter!

Who doesn't love Dick Van Dyke? And when I read his book, I loved him even more. He is so honest and has so many interesting stories about people he has met and seems like the most entertaining person! Yes, he has had his hard times and is up front about them. I had never seen an episode of The Dick Van Dyke show and he made me want to see it!
Can't read his without reading hers. I actually read this a few years ago when my mom recommended it to me. What a charming woman. Full of class and sweetness. She had a life of hard work and serious talent and lived fully! This isn't a complete autobiography. It ends when she is about 20 years old, I think, but I would look forward to the next installment!

I read this book when there was a bunch of hype about Pioneer Woman, wait, there is still a ton of hype! It was an easy read, but got a little repetitive. I did enjoy it though.

And saving the best for last. I have talked about this book on here before, but I just love this woman! She deserves another push on here. She is so optimistic and hard working and grandmotherly. And funny!! Such a great sense of humor. She makes you want to be a better person, whether you are religious or not. She just makes me smile!

Any autobiographies you enjoy that I need to read?!

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