Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tacos: The Bell Way

My in-laws are taco fanatics and I can see why after I tried them like this. The first time, I thought "Weird!" But it's now a tradition in our home as well. Good to try new stuff! And I am going to add a caveat that just became a Bell way after I tried them at a get together at my friend's house the other night.

First, the tortilla. (This is the newly adopted part). Put some part on a corn tortilla and some in a pan and kinda fry both sides. Not for a long time and not with too much butter, but yum! My husband has always said he didn't like corn tortillas. After having these, and not realizing they were corn tortillas, he has changed his mind!

Black beans or Red beans or kidney beans. Make your meat, add the spices, then mix these in. They make the meat go further and give lots of texture.
Fry sauce: I know, what?! Really, it is so good. Mix equal parts ketchup and mayo. I added some lime juice to it. Lemon is fine too, but lime gives it a good kick!
Tomatoes are normal, but green onions are heaven and cucumbers add some crunch and healthy flavor. Plus, they are easy to snack on before dinner for the kids.

That's it! And doesn't it look yummy?! In fact, we're having these for dinner tonight. My son and husband couldn't live without guac on theirs as well. And crunched tortilla chips or fritos. Hmmm, might have to make a quick trip to the store.=)

Sometime in the future: my sister's stinkin' awesome chicken tacos!

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