Sunday, October 16, 2011

Some Stuff I Made

I am taking a small one day break from recipes. I do make other things besides food! Just not recently because I am so tired from being pregnant and 3 kids, but really, the sudden burst of energy should come soon, right?! Or does it not come with the 4th??=)

I have never made a wreath before. I have seen a lot of cute wreaths around and complied some ideas together to make this. (My 2 year old loves to pet the bird.) I got a dollar store wreath and wrapped it with some fabric I got awhile ago at DI (for 2 bucks for 3 yards!) Then made some rosettes and added a dollar store bird. My 6 year old had the idea to make a nest for the bird. I like her thinking!
This was fun and super duper easy. My kids love it. I use these pictures from these websites and printed them (free) . My color cartridge didn't work for some reason, but still pretty ok! I used a jam jar, pickle jars, soda bottles. Fun all around!
I couldn't resist putting these rolls in. I put the recipe here, but tied them in knots. This time I made small rolls and liked them even better! My family did too, in fact, they ate about 20 in 2 hours. Seriously! Come on, it's the weekend!=)


Shelly said...

Cute Wreath and fun idea with the bottles. Thanks for joining us at Patches of Pink this week. ~Shelly

Marie said...

Fun idea for the bottles! Thanks so much for linking up with us at Show & Share! Can't wait to see you again on Wednesday!


Valerie Scott said...

Cute wreath! Thanks for sharing at Patches of Pink!


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