Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thinking Thursday: Ode to Jonelle

My friend, Jonelle, pretty much rocks. She is an herbalist. She homeschools. She has her babies at home sans epidural. She is a great cook. She is a great gardener (even in the desert)! She is calm. She is hilarious. And she doesn't judge the rest of us who choose to go to hospitals, public schools and the like. Her moto is to each his own. She gives the best advice. She's just great.

Point in case: I was sick with this baby the last few months. Jonelle found out I was pregnant and showed up at my doorstep with a lavender herbal tea out of the goodness of her heart. I didn't ask for any. She didn't ask for any pay. She was happy to listen to my moanings and groanings and ignored my front room strewn with toys and dare I say, children's underwear?!

Next case: my 2 year old had a severe case of diarrhea last week (TMI, I know). There was a bug going around and her bum was so red and diaper cream wasn't doing its job. She was running around saying "Not poopy!" when she was poopy just so I wouldn't change her. It was sad. I texted Jonelle at 9 PM and she graciously gave me some of her homemade bum salve that worked miracles. She also gave me some medicine that helped as well. (Don't ask me the name ophilous). I said I would pay her. She said I didn't need to. She totally went out of her way for me.

Now that you know her, here is a plug for her awesomeness! She doesn't know I am doing this, but she deserves it! She has a business called Herbalogie and sells some really great products there. She has some herbal chapstick that is minty and fresh. She has calming herbs. She has stay well herbs. She has PMS herbs. She is well educated in her field and teaches classes as well about how to be your best self and to find your mission in life. She is also LDS (Mormon) and combines her medical and religious beliefs nicely. You would be doing yourself a favor to check out her sites!


kristen said...

SO TRUE. Jonelle is amazing!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

She sounds like a super good lady!


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