Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thinking Thursday: My Favorite Cooking Sites!

I love these sites! They are the best. They are full of different and fun and awesome recipes. Enjoy! And that is about as thoughtful as I am getting today!

Such a great site for a variety of crafts and tons o recipes! And the girls just seem so great that you really want to know them! Plus they love their families and you can tell! I am dying to try these Reeses' Brownies!

This is full of tutorials and fun holiday and kid recipes. And the pictures are beautiful and the layout is perfect! Plus, I feel like she is an old friend. I bet I could show up at her house never having met her and she would cook me some good stuff! Don't these BAKED doughnuts look heavenly?!

These girls have been going for years and Mel's Kitchen Cafe is a sister of them! There are lots of crockpot and freezer meals ideas. Ideas we all need, right?! Plus, they make me want to hang out with my sisters more and share my knowledge with others. These creamy chicken taquitos are so good. My friend at book club made them and I tried to stop at 4, tried to stop.=)

Best dessert site ever! So real and easy and just crazy with yumminess! This girl is so creative! She has lots of holiday ideas that are so fun for kids too. Hot dog mummies! I even like these!

Has a lot of crafty snacky ideas for kids. They are adorable!! And she makes you feel like you can do one cool snack for your kids a week. Lots of holiday themed stuff. I loved these and I have all the stuff, which makes me love them even more!


Last but not least, my adorable sister in law Monica's site! She is just too cute and you'll love her ideas! This is Skillet BBQ Chicken Pasta and looks so easy and very kid friendly!

These are not recipes, but they are adorable hats that my friend I have had since 4th grade is making these and you should definitely check them out! AshleyOwenKnits

Cupcake Hat

Stripey Pom Pom Hat.  Ready Made Ready to Ship. Great Photo Prop :)

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Mindy said...

Great line up! I am a frequent of most of the blogs you listed. Glad you liked the taquitos! Mindy at The Sisters Cafe


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