Monday, October 10, 2011

French Bread Pizza

My oldest was eating lunch at school the other day. On the menu, french bread pizza. Oh, the childhood memories came rushing back like it was yesterday. French bread pizza was pretty much the only edible lunch food at my school (minus chalupas, anyone, anyone?)! I got thinking and thinking about it and just needed to have some. This is certainly not an original recipe, but it belongs here!
The Fresh and Easy store down the street from me just opened a bakery and they charge only 98 cents for the softest and crunchiest, yummiest crust of french bread I have ever had! Seriously! We have it once a week, we use it for french toast casserole. It doesn't even need butter! It is awesome and as long as I can hide it at night, it will still be there in the morning and my husband won't eat it for a late night snack.=)

Moving on, here is the recipe:

French bread cut in half
Pizza sauce
(I have never been able to make one I like, so I just buy it)
Pizza cheese

Easy, and add toppings if you like. Most of the time I don't because it is a tutoring night or my husband is at a late class or something, but the possibilities are endless! Enjoy!

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