Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Some Mom Readings....

I have been doing my mom readings from my monthly goal of gaining a testimony of motherhood. Today, I read Teaching after the Manner of the Spirit. Since teaching is such a huge part of motherhood, it was really great to read this article and learn that, of course, teaching should be an act, not just talk.

I really enjoyed this quote from the talk
Those who teach after the manner of the Spirit understand they teach people, not lessons. As such, they overcome the urge to cover everything in a manual or teach all they have learned on the subject and focus instead on those things that their family or class members need to know and do. Parents, leaders, and teachers who mirror how the Spirit teaches learn quickly that real teaching involves much more than just talking and telling. As a result, they intentionally pause to listen, carefully observe, and then discern what to do next.6 When they do this, the Holy Ghost is in a position to teach both learners and teachers what they should do and say.7

In our church, the Holy Ghost is, in simple terms, a member of the Godhead who helps us to choose the right direction in life. He has the ability to clear our minds and bless us with peace. I, for sure, need Him in my life!

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