Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thinking Thursday: Books on CD

My zune had an untimely meet up in a dark movie theater with a semi opened bottle of soda. The zune was my kid's entertainment and my sanity! After attempting to listen to the radio and not finding much that I wanted to expose to my kids, we got some books on cd from the library. We started with the Fudge books by Judy Blume. The kids were giggling with laughter! We got through 4 books in 2 months. Next, we are starting on Henry Huggins. I am sure my 4 year old boy will appreciate it.

I love reading and want to pass the love on to my children. It has really had a calming influence after school when we pick up Hailey and there is less fighting. Our local library has some of the best books on cd, so I just reserve them online and they are sent to my library. No looking through a million books trying to find the right ones. And I am getting to relisten to some of my favorite childhood books, which are surprisingly even more funny as an adult!

Long Live Fudge!!

File:Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing book cover.jpg

Here is the talk I read today for my motherhood monthly theme.

They are pictures of motherhood and thoughts that the artist had as she created them. Amazing!!

President David O. McKay, ninth president of the Church, said, “Motherhood is the greatest potential influence either for good or ill in human life. The mother’s image is the first that stamps itself on the … young child’s mind. It is her caress that first awakens a sense of security; her kiss, the first realization of affection; her sympathy and tenderness, the first assurance that there is love in the world” (Gospel Ideals, Salt Lake City: Improvement Era, 1953, p. 452).

I think this was my favorite picture and thought

Love, by Judith Campion, Seattle, Washington. “The special bonding that occurs between mother and baby is a unique and powerful love. This painting was to show the confidence that grows in an infant when it feels protected and loved.”

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Jocelyn Christensen said...

OOh, I love Fudge too. Thanks for this idea...I'm going to have to get some books on cd too. That'll be fun! Oh yeah, and I WOULD make that same goal,to read all the talks, but honestly I'd never get it done if it weren't for the book club. They are so great! :) You are awesome!


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