Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thinking Thursday: My Make Believe Life

I wrote this for fun....I am sure some of you out there can relate!

My Make Believe Life

For starters, I get dressed on a daily basis. Not just dressed but hair and make up done as well. Lotion, perfume and jewelry are part of the ensemble. Sometimes I wear heels just for fun. My eyebrows are perfect. “Bad hair day” is not in my vocabulary. My nails are unbitten and lovely.

I sit down at a clean table with fresh wildflowers in the middle and eat a breakfast of warm homemade waffles and syrup-made by someone else. Fresh strawberries, blueberries and bananas included. A mug of steaming hot chocolate (not the cheap kind) with fresh whipped cream awaits me.

In my make believe life, my house is clean, organized and decorated with a mish mash of items that wouldn’t seem to go together, but do. I have floor to ceiling bookcases filed with the best unripped books from Wordsworth to Shel Silverstein. There is enough space for everyone and everything and all bins are labeled and once organized, stay organized.

We go on quarterly vacations. Sometimes the beach, sometimes Europe, others Disneyland and Hawaii. The kids are always happy and never cry because they are tired or hungry. They love walking for miles and never complain about seeing historical sites. We have a scrapbook of our adventures where we are color coordinated, smiling and looking at the same camera. Everyone is potty trained!

I can run marathon! I have my 20 year old body again, which could go for hours on end without needing a break. I can go through a day without needing caffeine or a nap or the restart button pushed on my temper. I can actually do the move from tae bo without looking like an idiot! Saddle bags and spare tire are things that belong on horses and cars, not me. I eat healthy and only indulge in treats sparingly because I have no cravings for chocolate.

I have reading days where I read the books from the Newberry and Caldecott award winning lists. Also, from the “100 books everyone should read” list. And the books never bore me-classics included. I feel so uplifted by the books that I write a book of my own to critical acclaim. I do not need the praise, however, because I have merely written the book for my own enjoyment.

My husband makes enough money for us to pay off our debt in a short amount of time. He has a normal work schedule, gets home early on Fridays and never has to work suddenly on the weekends. He loves his work and feels fulfilled every day. We have a regular date night where we have no budget and a perfect babysitter who cleans the house and requests to babysit for free because my kids are so enjoyable.

In my make believe life, my children don’t fight and always listen the first time! They don’t cry over going to the bathroom, eating dinner, doing homework or bedtime. We do a daily craft where they make little mess and happily share the supplies without loss to limb or bloodshed. They happily complete their chores and do extra just to be helpful.

In my make believe life, I am pretty selfish and boring. I don’t have time to take care of other people because I am so busy taking care of my needs and wants. I am a rather uninteresting and unhappy person. I haven’t had stretching or learning experiences to help me grow and become better. In my real life, I am grateful to have dreams and hopes for my future. Some I will get to and some I won’t. And that is ok. I am grateful that my real life is more exciting and unexpected than my make believe life. I wouldn’t trade my real life for my make believe life for anything. Except I think I will take the reading day.

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Courtney M said...

haha perfect, I loved this Heather!!

Sarah said...

Make believe life sounds good but your real life is AWESOME!!!


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