Friday, January 6, 2017

Connect (5 minute prompt)

Connect (5 minute prompt)

I wrote this while the kids were asleep, Hailey was reading and Blake was watching Fixer Uppers (he’s a keeper).

I think Blake and I connected from the minute we met.  I won’t forget it.  I worked at the college library at BYU-Idaho and was walking on the second floor and he stopped me and asked me to help him find The Cat in the Hat in Latin.  I thought he was the cutest guy I had ever seen and loved his shy smile and friendly manner.  We searched for the book and couldn’t find it.  In the process, I learned he was going to be a doctor and had served a two year mission for our church to Spain. I was a Spanish minor, so that was awesome.  We parted ways and I thought he was pretty awesome.  A few days later, I was taking a nap in the library (don’t judge me) and he woke me up and then asked me on a date.  I told him I couldn’t because I was dating someone.  But I thought about it all through American Heritage and was pretty annoyed to be dating someone at that time. Well, me and that someone took a “break”.  I was studying at the library one day and I was looking for “Christian Slater look-alike/Blake”. I couldn’t find him, so I said a little prayer. “Help me to find that guy if I am supposed to.”  Wouldn’t you know it, there he was thirty seconds later.  I asked him if he still wanted to take me out and he did.  We connected again on that first date and I knew I already knew him.  We already knew each other.  Sometimes you meet someone you just connect to. It was so easy with him.  I’m always so grateful that it was the easiest decision of my life to marry him.

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Us 13 years later.  

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