Thursday, January 5, 2017

Joy (5 minute prompt)

Joy (5 minute prompt)
I wrote this at night while the kids were asleep, Hailey was reading and Blake was watching a hilarious youtube channel, Crazy Russian Hacker.

“Men are that they might have joy.”  This is a scripture from The Book of Mormon, a book from my church that I love.  I have always wondered about this statement because when you look at the world and see how things are, it seems like “Men are that they might have money, or anger, or sadness, or poor choices.”  And these things certainly don’t equal joy. To me, joy is a feeling of utmost satisfaction, that in spite of how things are going in your life, you are still happy. You are at peace.  You are in acceptance of how things are for you, even if it’s not what you dreamed your life would be.  For example, my husband Blake.  He has had a lot this year. His brother passed away at a young age unexpectedly.  I had a miscarriage this year and one last year after waiting for three years for another baby. Still no baby in sight.  And he has stuff to deal with at work.  And the drain clogged in the shower downstairs. And the attic is taken longer than expected.  But he is a perfect example of joy.  He chooses to trust in Heavenly Father even when it seems like His plan isn’t meshing with our plan.  He chooses faith and belief and when he falters, he prays and works hard and doesn’t let it get him down.  I admire that so much about him.  So, I say, yes, Men are that they might have joy and I am so grateful that I have someone I love so much to remind me of that everyday.

Not a great picture of us, but doesn't Blake look great.  This was at the frozen Mississippi last week.  Not pictured: Brooke. (She was having a moment)

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