Friday, January 6, 2017

Surrender (5 minute prompt)

Surrender (5 minute prompt)

I wrote this at night while the kids were asleep, Hailey was reading and Blake was watching a hilarious youtube channel, Crazy Russian Hacker.

Surrendering reminds me of a terrorist show where the terrorist or the victim is supposed to wave the white flag so that the problem can go away. It can also be compared to having young children.  I remember when I had four small kids, age 7,4,2, and baby.  I told Blake that the kids were like terrorists and that “I don’t negotiate with terrorists.” He thought that was hilarious.  But honestly, isn’t that the truth sometimes?  I was extremely outnumbered in every way.  We had just moved to Iowa and Blake worked thirty minutes away at a 60+ hour a week job.  Not to mention we lived in a tiny town (which I loved) in the woods (which I loved, minus no people).  So, you see the picture.  The kids would fight and scream and not want to take a nap or go to the bathroom when they really needed to or take a shower or clean up or eat their veggies or whatever!  And I was being held hostage by the insanity of it all!!  Oftentimes, I would send them to bed to take a break or a time out and that would help but then another kid would start.  I didn’t know where this post was headed and honestly, I am not a fan of surrender in this context.  Because a lot of the times you have to hold your ground no matter how tired or frustrated you are because it’s good for the kids.  But surrendering to God or to a nap or to ice cream is a surrender that is much more freeing and always needed.  That is why Heavenly Father had Jesus come.  He wanted us to surrender our sins, our wills and our lives to Him so that He could heal us and make us better.  It has always been hard for me to surrender in this way but I promise you, when I have done it, I have had peace.

My little terrorists about five years ago.  Wow, they are cute and wow, how did I do that?? 

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