Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year

New Year’s Resolutions or should I say NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS. Honestly, I don’t love them and I don’t feel like recreating myself, my family or my body or my house or my health or my soul or my organizing, financial self. Phew!!  I am a realist and that can equal pessimist.  But really, I try to honestly look at my life, our life as a family and see what can we improve upon without making us insane?  What can we honestly and realistically achieve?  What can we add to our schedule without making things busier and harder?  And which of these are necessary?  Which thing is going to add to our family?  We decided that meant morning personal prayer and reading one verse of scripture every day by ourselves (or help for the little ones).  This reaches all of my goals.  It is important to us.  It will add good things to our lives and hopefully improve our lives and moods.  It is something I have been thinking on for awhile that we have needed to work on.  So, yeah, it is a good thing.  And realistic. 
In my personal goal, well, I have many that seem to never really come to an end: Read scriptures daily, exercise, eat healthier, use my time wisely, be there for my family.  All of these things I strive to do all the time, so I didn’t feel like they would be great goals.  But something I have been seriously missing in my life is writing.  I am missing it bad and feeling like I am losing time and memories and opportunities.  No, I honestly don’t think I will write a great American novel.  No, I don’t think I will come up with any seriously original stories.  But what if I do?  What if my writing leads to something amazing that I would be missing out on because I didn’t take the time to just start.  And isn’t that the hardest part?  Starting?  Maybe it’s the fear of failure or success or spending too much time on it or not enough.  Or being frustrated with my people for getting in the way of my goal?  So, I decided ten minutes a day. I have a lot of thinking going on and it would probably be healthier for me and my family if I got all that thinking out.  I might post it. I might not. It might be writing on my family blog which is five months behind.  It might be in my journal or about scriptures. It might be a thank you note.  Honestly, I don’t know.  But I Have printed out my writing calendar and am planning on crossing off every last day of this year.  Even if it means staying up ten minutes later or getting up ten minutes earlier.  And I am very interested to see how things evolve after that. 
And finally, my theme of the year is compassion.  I want to feel the compassion that Jesus Christ felt.  The “I can help. I can care. I can be there.” No matter what.  Even if that person had it coming to them or has created their own problems.  Even if I completely don’t agree with what someone has said or done.  Even if the kids are crying over something that I think is completely unimportant.  That is what I want.  So, I will try my hardest to do it. 

And remind me of these things in the summer when I think I won’t have time for writing or compassion or a verse a day.  But I have heard and believe that once you put the important things first, then everything unimportant falls away.  And I am hoping and praying for that. 

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