Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Fall (five minute post)


I haven’t experienced many “real” Falls in my life. I have seen Fall leaves, but I have never lived in Fall.  I have discovered that I need Fall in my life.  There Is nothing like looking out the window to see a downpour of golden leaves, whirling towards the ground.  I can almost hear the sound of chimes as they gently move.  It is something everyone should see in their lives.  

I love knowing that we get a reprieve before the bleak winter.  Fall is a gift to us from an all knowing and all loving God.  One who knows that the stale white of Winter can certainly get old.  So before the Winter, He puts on a show for us.  A colorful show of purples, red, golds, yellows, browns.  When you rake and see the mish mash of colors in a giant pile, just begging to be jumped into, you know that there is nothing more perfect than this time.  Coming across a bright red tree, stretching so tall and wide that you when you take a picture of your 4 year old in front of it, she looks so tiny.  Then you hear her say in the back of the car, “Gold, yellow. Gold, yellow.” and you know she is naming the trees she sees.  Then you take a picture of the river with Fall trees in the background but no camera can perfectly picture the amazement that you feel.  And that is why I hope I will always have Fall in my life.

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