Thursday, October 3, 2013

Write (5 minute Friday)

This is my prompt from Lisa Jo Baker.  Write.


Writing makes me a person.  My world is constantly constant, meaning I have four small children and one great husband, but I am a very needed person.  I am rushing and running and doing and cleaning and washing, like so many others out there.  I am frazzled, exhausted, frustrated, happy, excited, and so many more emotions.  

But when I am writing, I am an idea or a thought.  I have duties beyond the day to day.  I have  duty to share what I think and feel.  I have a still mind, spewing out words quicker than I can write them.  My mind clears and I understand myself.  My emotions are allowed to come out without consequence, without stopping.  I am not cluttered.  I asked a friend what he thought of my writing and he said, “You seem still.”  

I have been writing for years, since college and before that.  It has always been a place of tranquility and peace for me.  A place to commune with myself and with my Heavenly Father.  A place where I can say what I need to, without judgment, without anger, without retribution.  It is a safe and happy place.  It is a peaceful place.  One I enjoy going to.


Jennifer said...

Glad that you find that "safe" place in writing. As mama's with little one's we've got to have something that we do for us and for God. So important!

Dana Butler said...

Howdy! I linked up after you at Lisa-Jo's place. I so get this place of peace and self-discovery. I loved this:
"My mind clears and I understand myself."
YUP. That. That's one of the main reasons I hash it out and edit it out and just. write.

:) Blessings to you!


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