Thursday, October 3, 2013

Story (5 minute prompt)


My first story and one I love the most is one of

friendship, shared by two young girls

in the depths of fear, in the depths of trust.

A short story, around 100 pages

yet, so much information fills those pages.

Reread so many times and opened a door for me,

A door that could not be closed.

Learning about the Holocaust and first feeling:

How could something like this happen?

Then feeling:

The triumph of the human spirit.

The saviors, the rescuers, the risk takers

And the believers.  

Those who helped out of love, not out of glory.

Those who helped because they knew it was the

right thing.  Then I wonder: What would I do?

Would I help or ignore or pretend?

Would I put my safety on the line knowing,

Knowing that my life could be at stake

Knowing that my family’s life could be at stake.

Knowing that this story must continue to be shared.
To avoid repetition.  To avoid closed minds.  

To share it with my 8 year old daughter, but thinking

I don’t want this ugly world to taint her mind.

But knowing that sometimes ugly things have to be told

To help the world to heal, to help the soul to rise up.

To teach my children to think:

What would I do? Would I help or hide?

And what kind of legacy will I leave?

Number the Stars by Lois Lowry

1 comment:

ValByDesign, Valerie said...

How, how true. I know the story you're talking about, as I've told it to my own kids. Such difficult decisions people had to make.


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