Thursday, October 17, 2013

Rhythm (five minute prompt)


I was young when I read in a book that “rhythm” is the only word that has no “real” vowels. I thought that was amazing.  I have always loved words.  I have favorite words.  I love “luscious”, “wonderful”, “spectacular”, “smooshy” and many others. I do not enjoy the word “moist”. It has always grossed me out and my husband thinks that is hilarious.  I love that words put together in the right order make the most beautiful music.  That I can cry over words.  That I can become angry over words.  That I can feel excited over words.  Words can make a nation rise or fall.  Words determine how we feel about ourselves and our lives.  Words can make a person have confidence or tear them down. The power of the word is long lasting and never ending.  No matter if we have fancy clothes or houses or cars, words are the things that last forever.  I will always remember the words to the song my Grandma sang “Jack was a lonely cowboy.”  I remember my husband’s words and my kids praises. I remember any praise from my mom and mother in law.  Sadly, I remember negative words as well.  Sometimes those negative words are helpful and sometimes they are not.  But words said cannot be taken back.  Words create and break relationships.  Words are the foundation to families.  And words shared over dinner, bedtime, bathtime, playtime, while walking, while working, while hugging will be the words that shape us.  And hopefully those words will also shape future generations and they will understand the power of words.

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