Wednesday, October 16, 2013

In Between (5 minute post)

In Between

I have had issues recently with my life.  I have got stuck in the “humdrum” tasks. You know how it goes. Suddenly, you are just bored by things!  Which is not a good thing to be when you have four kids and lots to do.  And suddenly I am on a kick to get the house cleaned to pass the time because my 4 year old is driving me nutso and my 18 month old is so clingy.  And cleaning up is the only thing I can control and manage.  Because those two little ones are so wonderfully needy.  And that is their job.  And to teach me patience and empathy, but it can get so routine somedays.

My point is that in between laundry, wiping noses, making food, reading books, cleaning, hugging, blocks and puzzles, life happens.  In between the day to day “boring” tasks I need to do, life is happening.  It is in between the laundry load and the little conversation I overhear about toy cars.  It’s doing the dishes and looking down to see William banging with spoons and knowing that someday he won’t want to do that.  It’s bath time and the splashing explosion and the sudsy faces and hair and a “Santa face” on accident.  It’s the snuggling in bed and it becomes a family affair in a twin bed, where everyone is squished.  

I just don’t want to spend too much time on “tasks” that I miss the very important “in between” moments.  The ones that matter the most.

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Anonymous said...

Yes. Those in - between moments are certainly the most important.


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