Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lonely (five minute prompt)


Lonely is standing alone in 7th grade because your two friends are gone from school.  7th grade was a lonely year.

Lonely is a heartless 2nd grade boy (who will remain nameless) reading aloud a love letter you wrote him for Valentine’s Day to the whole class.

Lonely is finding out that the boy  you really liked asked a different girl to a school dance.  And because he is your friend, he gives you a picture of him and the girl at the dance.

Lonely is being completely surrounded by upset children.  You are never alone, yet you feel very alone sometimes.

Lonely is hearing about a party that your kids weren’t invited to but everyone else was.

Lonely is showing up at a playgroup in a new area, but nobody knows you, so nobody talks to you.

Lonely is looking out at the rain of the hospital window with your newborn baby, 24 hours away from any family.  And knowing that nobody will be coming to see the new baby at the hospital.

Lonely is recognizing who you are and what you are about.  That you are a strong and independent person.  That you realize that you don’t need anyone else’s approval or other people to hold you up.  Lonely teaches you that you will never make those same mistakes that have made to make you feel so alone.  Lonely equals strength.

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