Thursday, February 27, 2014

Brave (5 minute prompt)

Brave 2/27/14

Brave is my sweet 7 year old Hailey going to a new school in March.  I walked her into the school with the other kids.  We met her teacher and class and then I left her.  The teacher was friendly and kind.  The kids were sweet and welcoming.  They knew her name.  They knew she was coming and everything was set up.  But I couldn’t believe how brave she was.  To enter a school at the end of the school year without knowing a soul and sitting in that chair and taking on the world.  And coming out alive.  And doing it again the next day and the next day.  When the kids had already made their friends and they all live in a small town, Hailey made her way into the circle and became one of them.  I almost cried leaving her at the school because I was afraid. I was afraid she would be afraid.  What if people were mean to her?  What if nobody played with her at recess?  What if she was lonely and sad? What if it was awful and she didn’t tell me.  And I wouldn’t be able to help her?  But she was fine.  She made it and she did it with gusto.  And she didn’t even realize how brave she was or how brave I think she is.  She just thinks it is a normal thing and that is the bravest girl I know.

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