Friday, February 28, 2014

Choose (5 minute prompt)



Choose: to pay a utility bill or pay tithing while very poor in college.  We chose tithing and received a surprise check in the mail that covered the utilities.

Choose: to have a baby when I was scared to death or continue on avoiding it.  We chose to have a baby and ended up with the sweetest red haired girl that has taught me more in 9 years than I have learned most of my life. 

Choose: to continue having babies after the red head was thoroughly insanely two years old.  We chose to have three more sweethearts that have completely filled my life and soul.

Choose: to move to Rexburg to go to college without knowing a single person.  I chose to go to Rexburg and my whole life has been patterned after that choice.  Everything good I have was because I went to college in a small wintery town in Idaho.

Choose: to marry Blake after only knowing him five months.  I chose to marry him and it wasn’t even a hard choice. It was one of those choices that comes so easily and naturally that it feels like it was never a choice, but the natural course of life.

Choose: to move back to Las Vegas after swearing I never would.  We chose to go back to Las Vegas and Blake was able to find his career path from this move.  We were able to push through hard things. We were able to work diligently to get what we needed.

Choose: to move to Iowa while quite pregnant.  We chose to make the move and has been the best choice of our marriage.  We have become stronger, happier and kinder.  Our kids are each other’s best friends. 

These choices have grown me in ways I never thought possible.  And each small choice has led me on the path I am.  Whether easy or hard, these choices have made me and I am so grateful for the opportunity to make choices.

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E Adams Wright said...

A powerful but also sobering post, Heather. Each of our choices matter. As you noted, "And each small choice has led me on the path I am." Stopping by from Five Minute Friday. Blessings.


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