Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hero (5 minute post)

As a precursor, I have many heroes: Jesus, my husband, my parents, siblings, friends, famous people, etc, but this was the first one that came to my mind.  I was writing like crazy but this is all I could get in in five minutes and this doesn't even cover everything.  I hope you enjoy.

Hero 2/20/14 (5 minute prompt)

I have a hero, but she is not your typical hero.  She hasn’t been in any magazines.  She isn’t on tv.  She isn’t a famous, well-known, life saver—except to me.  She is…..

A hardworking mother.  She has 3 boys.  Three deliciously sweet and wild and cumbersome and thoughtful, loving boys.  She is their mother.  She has taught them hard work, love, laughter, fun, frozen yogurt, running, playing,singing,dancing, about God, about life, consequences and rewards.  They are her greatest work and her greatest trial.  She has made them and she has molded them.  They are the best because of their mother.

She is a wife.  A diligent and good hearted and patient wife.  One who shows love, puts up with shenanigans and is indeed grateful for her hardworking husband.  She makes lunches, she buys Pepsi’s, goes on dates, washes clothes and watches Cops (even if she might not want to.)  She is a persevering example of loving a person know matter how they look on the outside or what they might say or do.  She is a wife.

She is my sister.  One who made mistakes and owned them and still does own them.  One who taught by example, forgiveness, and a never give up attitude.  One who pushes through adversity and smacks it down, knowing that she is better because of it.  A sister of service and kindness and understanding.  A listening ear and a no nonsense advice giver.  A sister of my life.


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