Friday, April 4, 2014

D is for Dad (A to Z theme)

D is for Dad

When Blake and I were dating, he told me he wanted to have ten kids. Ten! I told him he was marrying the wrong person for that.  ha.  He is a great dad.  Seriously, an involved and fun dad. Here's why:

  1. He reads the kid's stories with the best voices ever.  The voices make the stories take an extra long time.  My favorite times are the kids giggling hysterically over his voices.
  2. He also makes up stories about plaid dragons, Las Vegas (where we used to live), motorcycles, Army cars and more. I think I need him to be the imagination and I can write them into books.
  3. He will take the kids on early morning runs to McDonald's and the pet store and anywhere else they can think of.  This should also be under the category of H is for Husband because he is a great husband in taking them every once in awhile on a Saturday morning.
  4. He teaches the kids how to work.  He gets them out in the yard and is patient and fun with them. He teaches them to clean the car in the magnificent Bell way.  He lets them do any job they want to do, even if they don't do it that well.  He is good at making work fun.
  5. He has introduced them to some "awesome" video game music that even William, at two years old, dances to and recognizes and loves.  The dance parties are legendary.
  6. He is a great snuggler.  He helps them to relax and is happy just being with them. 
  7. He always jumps up to help the crying babies.  He is so in love with babies and is so good with them.  He rocks them, snuggles them, walks them and loves them.  He has such a soft heart.
  8. He goes along with plans even when he totally doesn't want to.  Like the time he got home from work and it was finally 50 degrees and we were going on a walk and he came on the walk with us, even though it was muddy, in his work clothes and without having dinner first.
  9. He sings sweet songs with the kids before bedtime and they love it.  He always takes the extra time to make them feel special.
  10. He is willing to have other kids come over for babysitting swaps and is nice to them too.
  11. He teaches the kids about Jesus and the scriptures and what is right and wrong.
  12. He loves them and me and we don't doubt that.

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Unknown said...

I used to love reading stories to my children. They're a bit old for that now, the youngest one is 26, but it's still a great memory.
Enjoying your A to Z Challenge.


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