Tuesday, April 8, 2014

F is for Fire

F is for Fire

No, not love/romantic fire. I know you are disappointed!  Fire, like burning fires.  Like

Jumping over a fire at boy's camp.  Like

Telling a story just the other night about "pyromania" and laughing maniacally.  Like

Setting a toilet tissue tube on fire in our first apartment and setting off the fire alarm.  Like

Being the first to light up the fireworks on 4th of July.  Like

Doing a happy dance anytime there is anything to do with fire.  Like

Building the hottest stinking fires while camping that we can't even sit close to them.  Like

Singeing the hair off of his arms and legs by jumping over the boy's camp fire.  Like

Being my hot, maniac husband who reminds me to loosen up a bit. 

1 comment:

Kristin Smith said...

Haha! He is a little bit of a "pyro", huh?

Too funny!! What is it with guys and their fires? My husband builds the biggest, roaring fire when all we want to do is roast a little hot dog and marshmallow. Lol.


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