Monday, April 28, 2014

Friend (5 minute prompt)

First, I just have to say I will get back to my A to Z on my adorable husband Blake, but I have been sidetracked with kids, spring cleaning and reading the stinking Divergent books.  Darn young adult literature!  I needed to get my juices flowing again though, so here we go.
I have friends.  Lifelong friends, acquaintances, friends I have loved right off and friends that have grown on me over time.  One of my favorite friend's Laurie was a grow on me type friend.  And that great thing about it is that I can tell her that and we are still friends.  We have a great and honest friendship, which really helps when I need a good smack in the head.  I have a friend, Tara, who I have known since 4th grade, about 25 years ago.  We had sleepovers, dance/sing parties, movie nights and went through all of school together.  We still talk and see each other when we can.  The first friend I remember is Candice Atwood.  I think we were friends around age 4 and I even stole a Barbie from her once and returned it with a guilty conscience.  We would run to each other's houses just down the street.  I am sure if I saw her again, it would be pretty exciting.  I have my college friends, my Iowa friends, my other Iowa friends and my Albanian friends.  Then I have these friends, like Desiree, Tiffany, Mitzi, Tricia and Jonelle who I lived by for 4 years but never really knew until I moved halfway across the United States.  And I have my siblings and parents, who are my longest lasting friends, who know my goofy ways and pretty much all of my secrets and they still like me.  And my in law friends, who I love as my own family.  And my favorite best friend, Blake, who puts up with a lot and loves me no matter what.  And my greatest friend, Jesus, who accepts me with all my flaws and doesn't even get angry about them.  He just loves me as I am.  What better friend can you ask for?
This is my favorite picture of Jesus

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