Monday, April 28, 2014

Glue (5 minute prompt)

Do you ever get sick of being the glue?  Because I do.  I get tired of being the deciding mood, the encouraging voice, the reminder and the listener.  I get frustrated that if I fall apart, everything else eventually falls apart.  I have an important job of holding together a family.  A wonderful, busy, wild family of one hard working and sweet husband and four kids.  They are my life.  They are MY glue.  They keep me together.  They help me to be a better person, to work harder and to love deeper.  When they are sad, I am sad.  When they are happy, I am happy.  When they are bullied, I want to beat that person down!  When they are praised, I can't help but agree and grin because everything good anyone says about them must be true!  Sure, I might be the glue that has the deciding vote sometimes, but they need me to be the glue.  They need me to keep them together.  To have their lunches ready, to teach them to work, to clean, to learn.  They need the security and comfort that comes with a solid and strong glue that can be ripped apart or removed easily.  They need a glue that can withstand heat and pressure.  They need me to be that glue and I can and will be that glue.  Sure, sometimes I get tired of being "sticky", but they know that I will always stick by them and we will always stick together.

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