Friday, April 4, 2014

Writer (5 minute prompt)


Don't ask me what kind of writer I want to be.  I don't know.  I don't have any ideas for books, for great American novels or children's stories.  I don't have an outline, a plan or a goal.  In fact, I really just like writing.  In the end of my life, I might just have a bunch of disconnected prompts and ideas written down and that will be ok.  Because the stuff I have written down matters to me and maybe it will matter to my children too.  Maybe they will take these little snippets and read them to their kids and they will laugh and cry over the memories.  Maybe they will get to know me better because of them.  Maybe they will get to know themselves better because of them.  But whatever happens with these writings of mine, I am grateful for the chance to write. I am grateful to get these thoughts on paper and to have some clarity.  I am grateful for the few pieces I have had published and the feedback I have gotten back from friends and strangers.  Because it makes me happy to be able to touch people through my writing.  So, in the end, writing is my therapy and my release and that is my goal, I guess.  And my outline and my plan.

My supportive writing friend, Jonelle, said this should be on the dust jacket of my book.  Good times. 


Unknown said...

You are doing it right, Heather! Just write to write! Something awesome will come into your head, out of a friend's mouth, or on paper. Good job!

Jayna said...

This is great! It is awesome how much pleasure we can get from just doing our craft, not worrying about what will become of it, or even if anyone else sees it. There is so much pleasure just in the art of creating something. Keep up the great work!

Kelly Blackwell @ Heres My Take On It said...

Heather that was lovely! I love that one day, your children will look at your writing and they will see you in a totally different way. I imagine they will be delighted with your clearness of heart. And I agree with your friend. That photo will look lovely on a dust jacket. Praying for many more years of prompts to inspire your gift.
Thank you for visiting me today for FMF. I was so blessed by you. :)

Unknown said...

It's good to find a writer not in a niche. Nice to connect and follow on

Kristin Smith said...

That's right! Just keep writing! You might even find that when put in the right order, all your prompts form a book in and of itself! And you're right, what better way for your children to get to know you than to see what their mother has written. Love it!


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