Saturday, August 6, 2011

Fixing My Pearls

This will be my last post for a week. I am going on a little road trip with the kids to Utah and Idaho and meeting my husband in Idaho Friday, so you will be very much entertained by some wonderful friends of mine. Yes, they really are my friends too! I know them personally and not through blogs. Some from elementary school, some from high school, some from college! So, enjoy them and leave them some nice messages.

My mom gave me this pearl necklace from Hawaii when I got married. I love it. I wear it a lot. Then one day I couldn't get the clasp off, which means I couldn't get it off my fat head, which means I had to cut it (tear.) Then I saw this post here on My Girlish Whims and it gave me the idea to try to fix my necklace. I did and I love it still. I love the pretty bow in the back. And I love that it took me about 2 minutes and no money because I already had the ribbon.

My sister, Michelle, gave me some beautiful pearl earrings when she went to Hawaii, but she didn't realize they were clip ons. I held on to them for 3 years because they were from her and because I love them!! Then, my talented sister in law Kellie started training me in the ways of making jewelry and I realized I could just add an earring hook onto it. I carefully cut off the clip on part and stuck the earring hook on. This took another 2 minutes and no money too! Easy!

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Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

I'm so glad I could help you fix your wedding pearls!! They look great now!

Thanks for linking back to me :)


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